My First Cinestar

In the last few years Drones and Aerial Video has become extremely popular. I think just about everyone of us has a friend that owns a DJI phantom of some flavor. For the record I have spent almost no time with any RC equipment of any kind I am a Cinematographer for Commercial, Web and Film Production. Our journey begins here…

The Director I work with very frequently has flown single engine planes and has flown small drones for fun and has an natural aptitude for flight. Being that he was qualified to be a pilot and I am a working DP I figured that this combination would be a good recipe for success in the world of aerial video. What I didn’t know is how much of a learning curve there was to literally “getting off the ground” (no pun intended).

We purchased our Cinestar 8 with DJI Wookong FC directly from Ziv Marom who is a true professional in the industry. This RTF (ready to fly) package included a Cinestar 8 Frame, DJI Wookong Flight Controller (Assembled), 2x Transmitters, 10x 6S Batteries, 15inch Props, T Motor MN4014 kv330 motors and Custom Alexmos 32bit Gimbal (Which was quickly replaced by a Movi M5).

A ready to fly kit in the multi-rotor drone world can mean a lot of different things. We are writing this for the people who are just getting into the medium/heavy-lift and probably have a lot of questions I know I did…

I thought that I was gonna buy a Cinestar 8 and be out there flying cameras in no time. Medium/Heavy lift Drones is a world filled with variables. I recommend anyone who is interested in this world of Aerial Video and Cinematography do there research and talk with experienced professionals before going out there and putting expensive camera equipment in the air.

Anyone can go out there buy a DJI Phantom/Inspire and start flying, but the world of custom built multi-rotors is a completely different thing. My recommended topics of research include “Airframes” “Lipo Batteries” “Flight Controllers” “Aerial Gimbals” “Movi” “Gremsy” “Alexmos 32 bit” “Ronin” “Wireless Video” “Wireless Follow Focus” “Ecalc

Also recommend getting use to reading the Multi-rotor Forums! If you ever have any questions always feel free to reach out to us with any questions!

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Ryan Forte is an award winning Film & Video producer who formed Forte Nox Productions in 2012 while studying Film & Digital Media at Cleveland State University.

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